Our attention spans are drastically shorter than they used to be. When it comes to advertising, it’s becoming increasingly hard to capture a customers attention. Email marketing is a time tested strategy, however consumers receive more emails now than ever before.

TxtCart created an easy to use software for Shopify members that allows them to send custom SMS offers to customers. Using an early form of AI, customers could openly chat back and learn more about the offer, a service most other SMS marketing platforms don’t offer.

One of our earliest clients, we were brought on to design TxtCart’s initial visual identity and branding assets. We’ve stayed on to help them on various campaigns and other marketing projects.


Our primary objective with the initial branding was to make TxtCart stand out as a leader in the SMS marketing ecosystem. Their software was far beyond what others were offering at the time, so we set out to design a sleek, high end brand that evoked trust and exclusivity.
At the time, most competitor campaigns featured stock images of real people and real phones in their creatives. To differentiate ourselves, and draw inspiration from other larger tech brands, we opted for vector art characters instead. This gave TxtCart a distinct look that set them apart from the often “scammy” look of their competitors ads.
After the initial identity was finalized, we stayed on as their content creation team. We were responsible for all of their social media content and ad creatives. Sticking with the brand message, we opted to inform consumers instead of try to draw them in with limited time offers. TxtCart simply explained the benefits of SMS marketing, instead of leading with a discount.
We also had the chance to film two separate video ads for TxtCart, one for a general YouTube ad campaign, and another for a specific campaign in 2020. These commercials helped push TxtCart to the Top 10 Shopify Apps category for an extended period of time.

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